1Whether Ayurveda has side effects ?
Yes & No, No If you are taking the medicine under consultation from a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. He knows the Diet, Medicine action and advises accordingly after diagnosis. Ayurvedic medicines are not prescribed symptomatically therefore self-medication always leads to complications. Ayurveda medicines will lead to complications when medicines are taken in incorrect dosage, bad quality medicines, overdosage, improper purification of metals, etc. We always advise to take Ayurveda doctor’s consultation before taking medicines selflessly. We do not support or promote any of the Ayurveda products which is are promoted for business. We give you 100% pure Ayurvedic solutions and it is our promise.
2Can Ayurveda cure all the conditions ?
No, there is no medical science which gives 100% cure on all the conditions. Ayurveda have its own limitations in some cases. We do refer to other system of medicines which can deal the condition better. Ayurveda can deal many cases which modern medicine cannot do much. We know our strength and weakness well. Also Online consultation is not enough for diagnosing many conditions, In such cases we advise you to seek consultation from a hospital or clinic near to you.
3How we differ from other online consultation services?
CareAyu is the only dedicated Ayurvedic Consultation Portal run by Ayurveda doctors directly.
4How Prescription Works ?
We prescribe medicine if your condition needs it. The prescription will be emailed to your email address with a detailed explanation with directions on how to take your medicine. You can use the prescription to purchase medicine from any of the local Ayurveda medical stores or online stores in India. International clients can order medicine from online stores that support worldwide shipping.
5How the Expert Opinion & Live Chat Consultation Works ?
Expert Opinion
This is useful if you are not in need of a complete consultation but in need of opinion from an Ayurvedic doctor. You can fill the form on the respective page with the doubt you have. A doctor will be assigned to your request and he will mail you his opinion on your condition/question after analyzing the details.
Live Chat Consultation
Chat Consultation is a single session of chat with the assigned doctor for 20 minutes.
6How to do the Payment ?
The payment can be done either through Payumoney gateway or Paypal gateway. Payumoney works for payments from India and Paypal works for International payments. You can select the respective gateway at the time of checkout.
7What is the Security for the Payments ?
Payments are accepted through private gateways like paypal, payumoney, etc which offers highest security for transactions.
8What is the Authority of this Service ?
We are registered Ayurvedic Doctors from India. You can find our profiles with registration details on the respective page.
9How to contact you if there is no reply in Chat ?
We are now doing the beta testing of our service. If you didn’t get any response on time, please mail at drhashimea@gmail.com or admin@careayu.com for any queries, We assure you that fees will be refunded back if the consultation is not provided.
10What about my Privacy ?
Your privacy is very important to us. We do not save any of the personal information you share. And consultation data is recorded without personal information. That data is only used only for follow up consultations and they are identified using the unique customer code, not by any personal data.