Natural Detoxification? Myth or Reality

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Natural detoxification A myth or reality


Detox or detoxification is the new buzzword in town. It essentially means that one must follow a specific diet plan or consume special products that are supposed to eliminate toxins from the body, hence significantly enhancing your metabolism, which leads to an overall enhancement in your health. Fortunately, our bodies are exceptionally designed to remove toxins at regular intervals through various media such as sweat, stool passing, and urine, and there is no need to consume exorbitantly priced supplements for the same. All things considered, you can improve your body’s regular detoxification framework.

Further, Ayurvedic detoxification is one of the most sceptical themes because of its lack of objectivity in the eyes of the general population, those who are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of Ayurveda and its doshas. They discovered it to be a fallacy, and instead of following the technique, they simply believed the negativity associated with the detoxification process. As per the ancient Ayurvedic literature, the only way to avoid sickness is through detoxification.

Ayurveda focuses on the doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which manage many physiological activities in the body. To preserve excellent health, you’re required to strike a balance among the three doshas. Our body is well equipped with detoxification procedures, but when they are not working optimally, an imbalance of waste materials such as urine, feces, and sweat starts to manifest in our body, which leads to diseases like diarrhea, asthma, urinary tract infections, arthritis, constipation, and skin problems. An important point to remember here is that every person has a unique genetic makeup and a unique balance of doshas, which can be associated with different health problems. An ayurvedic practitioner will help you determine your prakruti or dosha predominance and add the corresponding treatment options.

During the process of ayurvedic detoxification, most individuals are given herbal supplements, different types of tea, and other herbal medications that can improve the process of cleansing the bowels and body. These herbs are natural and are extremely easy to consume, indicating that they have no side effects and that the results are permanent. Furthermore, if you have a specific disease, such as insomnia or congestion, you may be advised to take supplements.Some Ayurvedic sources recommend detoxing at the start of each season to rid your body of toxins, or ama, that may have accumulated during the previous season from food, stress, and other factors.

According to your doshas, an individual can be recommended one or more Ayurvedic treatments. Panchakarma, a branch of Ayurveda, aims not only to eliminate toxins from the body but also tries to reconnect the individual body with his mind. Panchakarma is an undisputed or legitimate Ayurvedic process that is suggested for intensifying the detoxification and holistic rejuvenation of the body. Panchakarma consists of five treatments, or karmas, as indicated below:

  • Virechan: purgation using powders and pastes of medicinal plants
  • Vaman: therapeutic vomiting through herbal medicine, massage, enema with lukewarm oils.
  • Rakta mokshan: blood detoxification, also termed “bloodletting”
  • Nasya: clearance of the nasal cavity by herbal remedies, such as oils and fumes

However, some clinicians claim that there is no method to detoxify your body or that it is not possible to achieve it. Also, nowadays the market is flooded with detoxification products, the consumer faces a severe dilemma. This is becoming a huge problem, as following such a diet can in turn result in a bad experience. There is no universal detox diet or product for all. Every individual will have a unique detoxification procedure depending upon the doshas. Hence, claiming that natural detoxification is a myth is not a correct statement. It is possible if one consults an ayurvedic physician.

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