Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda

Holistic medicine
Holistic medicine
May 9, 2022
Basti in Ayurveda
Basti in Ayurveda
May 9, 2022

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Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda

Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda
Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda

Lichen planus is a persistent repetitive rash brought on by irritation/inflammation and is usually manifested in the form of a little flat-topped, polygonal knock that becomes undesirable, textured plaques over the skin’s surface. Rashes might also turn up on the mouth or on the mucous membrane layer of the vagina. Pigmentary dyschromia can have a range of colors, from purple/blue-grey to brownish-black in this illness.

Lichen planus can be associated with a type of Kushta in Ayurveda because of medical resemblances. According to Charaka, the Tridosha combination causes charma kustha, provided under the classification of kshudra kustha. In Charma kustha, the skin over the spot thickens to look like elephant skin.

Ayurvedic view

Kushta roga is a term made use of in Ayurveda to signify all skin ailments. Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda can be correlated with charma kushtha chikithsa, which is known to show vitiation of tri-doshas (Vata, pitta, as well as Kapha) given that the indications and signs are similar. Kapha dominance is determined by itching, Thickening of stratum corneum, slenderness, and also thickness. The sign of exacerbated Vata is acanthosis (Karshnya). Based based upon symptomatology Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda can also be correlated with Kapha-Vata Kushtha chikithsa ; deviated dosha modifies the blood circulation and also disrupts the quantity of dampness in the cells, causing the discoloration of the skin as well as making it thick.


  • The source of lichen planus is not quite possibly understood.
  • The particular signs of LP are reported to be enhanced by bismuth, arsenic, and also drugs consisting of some amount of gold.
  • The chemical utilized for the growth of tinted photos is likewise reported to create rashes.
  • The persistent use of quinidine prescriptions, which are made use of to treat digestive health issues and malaria.
  • It is believed that tiny natural entities or worms are also accountable.
  • Individuals who had a transplant of bone marrow are also prone to get this condition.


  1. It is characterized by the presence of tiny blue-white areas that are rather unsavory and undesirable on the side area of the tongue, gums, as well as interior parts of the cheeks.
  2. Lichen planus pigmentosus is a kind of lichen that shows up as oval grayish natural colored acnes on the face, neck, appendages, as well as the trunk without any inflammation.
  3. Lichen sclerosus is a skin sickness that affects the sexual organs. It affects every person; nonetheless, females are extra prone to the infection.
  4. Follicular lichen planus, or else called lichen planopilaris, is a sort of lichen planus that causes minuscule red spiky papules around a bunch of hairs that seldom rankle.

Lichen planus treatment in Ayurveda : procedures

  1. An Ayurvedic remedy for this disease includes an extensive treatment approach that consists of fortifying the digestive power, restoration, and also cleansing of the body.
  2. Lichen Planus treatment in Ayurveda using Panchakarma detoxification: To remove toxins existing inside the body, the majority of Ayurvedic treatments consist of detoxing. Virechana (generated purgation), Basti (injection), and Nasya (detoxifying nasal treatment) might be made use of after an extensive assessment of the condition of the patientt. Toxins gather more readily in skin issues, and also detoxification is the most effective therapy for getting rid of as well as alleviating substantial signs and symptoms.
  3. Improving Agni as well as avoiding formation of Ama (Toxic substance). Mahatiktakam kashayam, Mahamanjishthadi kashayam, and Vilwadi gulika were chosen as Shamana chikitsa.
  4. In this circumstance, the Aragwadhadi Kashayam and Patolamuladi Kashayam are understood to minimize skin-associated problems and also get rid of poisonous effects on the body.
  5. Arogyavardhini Vati– ingredients are Gandhaka (Sulphur), Katuki (Picrorhiza Kurroa), and Nimba, versatile medications for a broad range of skin problems. Tamra (Copper) is also present, with scuffing action (Lekhana and Vranashodhana motion).
  6. Rasayana or revitalizing medicines– are given to restore and also recover bodily cells; apart from these, some natural mixes are additionally carried out to relieve Lichen Planus signs.

Doctor tips:

  1. Eliminate stress and anxiety and also pursue exceptional mental health and wellness to battle this disease.
  2. Prevent air pollution, chemical exposure, and also excessive sunshine, all of which can damage your immune system.
  3. Prevent incompatible foods and fast food.
  4. Incorporate yoga as well as meditation into your daily regimen.
  5. Spicy, sour, greasy, refined as well as fermented foods, curd, refined sugar, as well as sour foods must all be prevented.
  6. Haldi, Jeera, bitter veggies, ardraka, tulsi, and cardamom are all great and advantageous in the treatment of lichen planus.

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